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The Most Beautiful Libraries

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Clementinum National Library/ Prague, Czech Republic
Trinity College Library Dublin, Ireland

Bibliotheue Nationale de France- Paris, France

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Rebekah Grace Wyant
Rebekah Grace Wyant
04 mars 2020

Know that these are the only photos, thus far, that are not my own taking - beside the Bio pic. Trinity Library is the work of my daughter.

Yet, how could I resist. What isn't there to love about beautiful libraries? I may add Beautiful Libraries as a photo collection whiles I travel. I may start home. The libraries of the three schools I have attended, I remember well their warmth - with Rosemont being the oldest, the most charming.

That first visit to Old Bennington Cemetery in Bennington, Vermont coupled with uniquely different , yet similar in purpose sites in Athens, inspired my thesis novel and caused me to add Cemeteries to my collections of Lighthouses and Castles.

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